Discover Mtubatuba and its links to the Greater St. Lucia wetlands park along the Elephant Coast of KZN South africa

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iSimangaliso Birding Route is an Info4u  assisted project which aims to introduce birding and associated tourism activities as a new source of income to the rural areas of Umkhanyakude district Municipality and the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa.

Info4u will be looking after the online marketing and advertising  of iSimangaliso Birding Route, as part of their rural development initiative which involves Internet Marketing and advertising of all micro businesses within Umkhanyakude district Municipality, focusing on the iSimangaliso wetland Park and the Elephant Coast of KZN south Africa.


The iSimangaliso Birding Route  project is currently in the development stage and as such needs seed capital and start up finances. This project should be self sustainable within one year of start up, and will have many positive spin offs.

help iSimangaliso Birding Route to get going -

The iSimangaliso Birding Route is a BBBEE (Broad based Black Economic Empowerment) project which will be using tourism and birding in particular as a foundation for development and economic empowerment of the rural population  of :

bulletthe Umkhanyakude District Municipality
bulletThe Elephant Coast of KZN
bulletThe iSimangaliso Wetland Park


Special thanx to Kenneth Newman for his great book Newman's Birds of Southern Africa which has inspired many keen birders over the years. Special thanx to SAPPI  for their sponsorship of Newman's Birds of Southern Africa (7th Edition)    Contact iSimangaliso Birding Route by e-mail  
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Discover Mtubatuba, the Elephant Coast and the Greater St. Lucia wetlands payk of KZN south africa

These pages have been developed and made available to the public by Info4u , Mtuba4u Ikhwezi Marketing Services , Sangena tours forafrica Internet services and other interested parties within the tourism industry of the iSimangaliso Wetland park of KZN South Africa, to begin promotion of iSimangaliso Birding Route and associated tour operators of the region.